Pinched Nerve Treatments

Chiropractic Care for Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves are just one of many things that can create pain and other uncomfortable symptoms in the body. However, they can be one of the most debilitating. Below, Dr. Zsely and the team at Strongsville Chiropractic Health Center in Strongsville, OH, explain what a pinched nerve is, how this issue occurs, and how chiropractic care can help.

Understanding Pinched Nerves

Your spinal column is the home of your spinal cord, which houses your nerves. They travel outward to carry signals throughout the body, ensuring everything functions as it should.

However, issues within your spinal column can impact these nerves. Misalignment and herniated discs are among the most common, and they often coincide with one another. A spinal misalignment creates too much pressure on a disc, causing it to rupture. The inner filling escapes through the tear and spills onto a surrounding nerve. This is referred to as nerve compression or a pinched nerve.

When a nerve is compressed, it prevents the signals the nerve carries from traveling correctly to their destination. This leads to various symptoms, including sharp, shooting pains, numbness, and tingling. The symptoms can be so severe that they make walking a difficult task to manage.

Treating Pinched Nerves

The main goal of treatment for pinched nerves is to remove the pressure from the nerve. This begins by addressing the issue that caused the compression in the first place, which is often a spinal misalignment.

Adjustments are a core service, as they help restore proper alignment to the spine. This creates space for any bulging or herniated discs to move back into their proper place.

As treatment is highly customized, any additional techniques that are recommended or performed will depend on the individual. Spinal decompression is often used for disc issues, as it gently stretches the spine and pulls the discs back in. This relieves pressure on both the disc and surrounding nerves.

Soft tissue techniques, such as therapeutic massage, may be utilized, to help relieve any related muscle spasms and improve blood flow to the damaged tissues. Therapeutic exercises can also be beneficial in stretching the spine, restoring range of motion, improving blood flow, and more.

Don’t suffer from the symptoms of a pinched nerve another day. Call (440) 238-4442 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zsely at Strongsville Chiropractic Health Center in Strongsville, OH, today. 

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