Back Pain Treatments

Our backs carry the weight of everything that we do all day. A lot of muscle groups work as a team with the spine so that neither has to work too much. Anything from overuse of the muscles to a spinal issue can result in back pain. Dr. Adam Zsely, of Strongsville Chiropractic Health Center, can help Strongsville, OH, area residents with their back issues.

Common Causes of Back Pain and Treatments

There are several things that can cause pain in the back muscles or other parts.


No matter how good shape you are in, muscles have a limit. When that limit is not honored, there will be pain. This is often due to inflammation and tears in the muscle tissue.

One key component to treating overuse is rest. Our office can help with the recovery process by offering hydromassage, massage therapy, and ultrasound. 

Massage therapy can help stimulate the recovery process in muscles. Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to target muscles from inside the body to create a massaging effect. 

Improper Lifting

The further away a load is from our center of gravity, the heavier it will seem. How we lift affects which muscles get used to lift. Not using the proper techniques for the job can result in strain on the muscles that are used.

As with overuse, rest is important to recovery. Similar treatments can be used for similar reasons. 


The vertebrae and discs are designed to stack upon one another along the spine and hold a lot of the weight. It doesn’t take much for the vertebrae to come out of place. When this happens, muscles along the spine will have to work more to compensate for the load imbalance of the spine.

A chiropractor can use adjustments to place the vertebrae back into place. Used in tandem with massage therapy, this can help with nerve and disc problems (including sciatica).


The best treatment for back pain is to keep it from happening. Our doctor is certified in Movement Analysis and Soft Tissue Techniques and can help coach you in proper lifting techniques, as well as offer ideas specific to your job and household duties to keep you from developing back pain.

If you are experiencing back pain and wish to know if Dr. Adam Zsely can help you, please call Strongsville Chiropractic Health Center, serving Strongsville, OH, to schedule a consultation at 440-238-4442.

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